Great Music Producers Make the Dream a Reality

George Martin

A music producer, or manager, is one who often goes unnoticed unless they don’t produce in which case; they are no longer the producer.  It’s much like the manager or owner of a professional football team or basketball team.  If the team doesn’t win, the manager is in hot water.

George Martin was perhaps the most well-known producer.  He was deemed the “fifth Beatle” due to his work with them.  He not only basically discovered their talent, he helped empower them to success.

There have been many music producers that have plunged their team to victory.  Take Phil Spector.  The American producer was ultimately responsible for many great hits and albums for the Beatles both during their time as a band and as individual performers afterwards.  He worked with The Righteous Brothers, Ike and Tina Turner, Cher and many, many others.  He was one of the great precursors for music producers to come but his career was cut short due to a lengthy prison sentence he is currently serving.

Another popular music producer, Dr. Dre, was on Death Row, Death Row Records that is.  Dr. Dre is a modern day producer responsible for helping such rappers as Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Ice Cube get to the head of their game.  He originally produced for Death Row Records but has since left the company and has moved on.  He has won a total of six Grammies and was also awarded Producer of the Year so he has seen more glory than most producers see if a lifetime.

Did you know that Jimmy Page was a producer and an excellent one at that?  He is mostly popular for his talented guitar playing in the group Led Zeppelin but he was a very renowned music producer of the 1970’s as well.  He excelled in the field of sound and had a unique interpretation of it which has made his music and the music he has produced the one of a kind masterpieces that they are.

Prince is yet another record producer that has made a name for himself not only through his own musical abilities but through his production of them too.  And not only has he produced his own, he has worked for such stars as Stevie Nicks, Madonna and Chaka Khan.  His one of a kind style helped revolutionize traditional rock into the heavily synthesized musical sounds that moved the music world to a new generation of sound.

We can’t forget Rick Rubin when mentioning great record producers who have made a difference in the culture of music.  He is widely responsible for hip-hop and rap becoming what it is today.  Def Jam and Jay-Z are a few of his products.

There are many great singers, awesome bands and talented musicians but it takes a music producer of great magnitude to channel the greatness.  A music producer must not only possess excellent skills in music mixing, recording, recruiting and so on, he must be a leader and a promoter.  A music producer has to take a dream and make it a reality and that is exactly what the great ones have done.  And sometimes one is excellent enough to leave a footprint in the sand and his life in the shadowsis made visible.