We get our inspiration in various ways and it doesn’t matter. The point is to have ideas spring forth at any time. I have even been to known to get up in the middle of the night to jot them down. I have been inspired by walks on the beach as much as by a cityscape. I am most affected by music, and a live concert works like magic.

Oddly enough, when I am working out in the gym, thoughts arise of a productive nature. If I am listening to music on an iPod, the ideas flow. It is the perfect combination that I call “gymspiration.” I can be sweating like a hog, but am in an ethereal mental zone that is as pristine as it is dry. If I am on the treadmill, it is easy to tune out of the real world. That becomes harder if you are counting reps or listening to the coaching of your trainer. So I would recommend doing something pretty routine about which you don’t have to think. If you are straining with sit ups and pushups, it might be less fruitful for you than a stair stepper or swinging along to the beat on a good elliptical machine. But believe me, ideas can come at any time, even with strenuous exercise.

Of course, like most people, I work out for fitness. I am talking here about a side benefit that seems to bless me. Not everyone tells me their inspiration stories that come from lifting weights. I am sure, however, that I am not unique and I expect this to continue to happen as in the past. I relish my gym sessions in principle, but when they bring me a bonus, I am more than pleased.

I don’t do anything fancy that other people haven’t tried. The usual stuff like balancing with the big inflated ball, doing crunches and curls, performing lunches and squats. It is all basic for body building and muscle tone. Some time in the weight room is a plus. The equipment nowadays is amazing. They just keep getting better. There isn’t a body part that you can’t focus on with a machine. Okay, there isn’t one for the mind, but it gets attention by default.

What ideas do I get? In the world of music, it can have to do with the artists and their output, it can do with the production process, and it can have to do with marketing. There are many facets to the business and you often think about them randomly in no particular order. Later, you sit down, concentrate, and develop plans. I don’t write the music but I use it to add to the store and wealth of offerings out there that please and inspire other people. It is a competitive but lucrative world, not just in terms of revenue, but in terms of personal satisfaction and a feeling of achievement. It is a world that keeps moving forward all the time, making it multi-dimensional and exciting.

So back to the gym for inspiration.