Ideas in the Shower

I hear that very busy people don’t have time for a nice, long, and very hot shower. That’s too bad. They are missing something more than pleasant and more than purely functional. It is a useful, practical way to spend time as you can multitask while you are at it. How you ask? Think of the flourishing flow of ideas you get while under the warm flowing spray. There is indeed a parallel to be made. The only thing is that you better have a large-capacity hot water heating to keep it going.

You don’t just get in and expect ideas to come to you in a flash, like snapping your fingers and a thought emerges. That would be most fortunate, wouldn’t it? Rather, it takes time for them to generate. At least that is the case for me. Hence the need for an extended stay under the steaming, almost searing, liquid. Sometimes I use free association to stimulate a new train of thought. Being in the music business, a tune or some familiar lyrics will do the trick. It could be an image of an artist or a particular performance. Some kind of subconscious connection is made for me when I do this as a source of stimulation. The brain cells start to perk up and percolate. The process has begun.

I imagine that most people need to be creative at some point in their routine lives, on a regular basis. It is especially true of working people who are required to innovate and renovate old established hierarchies of thought. Without new ideas, things just get stale and worn out. The status quo can mean dullness and dreariness. Think of TV ads only after two or three viewings. So new ideas reign everywhere, you just need to know how to access them.

A hot shower is not as invigorating as a cold one you may be thinking, but you certainly can’t reside in the stall very long that way. Brr. The heat relaxes the muscles and thus the mind, allowing it to get into ideation mode. Maybe this happens to you when you are jogging or on the treadmill at the gym. It could happen while watching TV or a movie. Anything can jar the cerebrum into thinking and creating at will. For me, I will stick with the hot shower every time.

To facilitate the process, I did check the old water heater in the basement, and while it seems to be cooperating, a new tankless water heater may be appearing in its place the near future. I certainly wouldn’t want the hot water to poop out on me while I am midstream in deep creative thought.

Ok, I will need to spend a bit, and it has been a long while since I even thought about a new heating system, and I think this is going to be a budget buster this year. People spend money on travel, hobbies, pastimes, sports, and the like. Why not on a hot shower!