Inspiration on Water

Who doesn’t get inspired by water? Composers surely do (Handal anyone?) and artists of great fame like Turner and Monet: both the macrocosm and the microcosm are depicted so to speak. Sports fans love to engage in water recreation of all types from boating, fishing, and diving to wakeboarding and water skiing. Sailing is a true art and apparently a real calling for aficionados. While most of us enjoy the sea on a part-time basis and there are some Salty Dog’s who get to live and work out there all day, there are also those fortunate enough who can live on a mega yacht and roam the ports of the world. They can have their music piped into every luxurious room.

This sounds like the good life to me, while most people are content with week-end and vacation fare. Let’s say I could have my greatest wish fulfilled for one night. Would I chose such a vessel? Yes… I can see it. A vast boat of monumental dimensions is sitting in the marina, manned by a trained crew including a professional gourmet chef. The provisions are being loaded box by box. Fresh fruits and vegetables, rare cuts of meat, expensive liqueurs are expertly stowed on board. English bone china will be unpacked within minutes to accompany the fine French crystal.

A music producer worthy of the name would have an attendant to load the tunes and adjust the volume on the top grade surround sound system for the pleasure of the passengers—and there would be a few for entertainment and companionship. A real bonus would be to have a celeb entertainer in tow for live requests….ah, but that is another wish. Meanwhile, Barney’s of New York has just sent a rack of boat clothing in just my size. I think they had a Hugh Hefner velvet coat in there by mistake. In any case, everything I could want is safely in my private cabin.

I could sit on deck and enjoy the water forever, or watch others at play. A glass of champagne is the perfect way to set out to sea. I am christening myself for the journey. We lay anchor for a while a bit later so my friends can swim and tan themselves. There will be water sports for everyone. It is a beautiful idyllic day. The bluest sky is populated with wispy clouds that have not a hint of impending rain. The sun is intense and warms my spirit without burning my sensitive skin. A young lady of ample proportions is ready with cream if I ask. I await the lunch meal with gusto and take a short nap.

The dream could disappear upon my waking, but let’s not ruin the story. I dine within a few feet of the water and watch dolphin folic right before me. I want to remain there forever, quiet and composed. But the yacht beckons with its many gratifications and I get ready to swim. We play cards and there is dancing on deck as the sun drains from the sky. Romance is in bloom for a few couples. Heaven is in store for me.