The Difficult Ones

The world of music production is dynamic and exciting. You can discover new artists in the most unlikely places. Thus, I visit all the small and large clubs on the scene. I can help make a band famous if they have the innate talent. I know how to bring out the best in musicians. Once signed on with me, I give them every possible service. When they come to my studio to rehearse or record, they expect first class attention. Of course, primarily I attend to their “sound” and give them ideas for improving it naturally and electronically. There are many ways to go. The ingenuity behind a hit is vast. In future blogs, I will tell you about it. Today, I have an amusing story to tell.

A female trio came in to rehearse. It was the first time they had come to my place. They settled in and started to primp to get ready. I asked what does it matter how you look. Only the sound engineer is here. The women got irritated. One of the ladies explained that she played the fiddle better when she had makeup on. I guess every artist has his or her quirks. Some are weirder than others. Okay, I get it. She disappeared into the bathroom at one point to put on false eyelashes. Do you have extension glue on hand? she asked. She seemed to be getting temperamental. What was she going to do if I didn’t have it? Walk out? I have a lot of things on hand from snacks to beverages to articles of clothing and various and sundry beauty products. Yes indeed. I have lipsticks in the most popular colors, foundation in a range of shades, brushes and combs, hair spray, and wait for it… eyelash extension glue. I had to look it up to work out what it was, and that’s when I found this web site

This “difficult” lady got her request. Usually, I get a lot of gripes from new musicians about how I want to change their sound and their mode of dress. Sometimes a photographer comes in to document a recording session. The photo can be used on Facebook, Instagram, or an album cover. People like to complain and throw in their own two cents. Not this women. She was delighted that I was prepared for everything. It was a difficult situation that was easily solved. When she emerged from the bathroom, tube of glue in hand, she looked good actually. Now it was time to test her mettle and see how the music sounded. Did false eyelashes make a difference?

The answer is yes. The trio was terrific that day and I credit their good moods. At the end of the session after photos were taken, they thanked me profusely. We booked another date for a second recording of a new song they were writing. I was happy that they wanted me to produce it given the good results we had that day. When they left I said goodbye, and stopped for a moment to ask for the eyelash extension glue back.